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Property Tax Rent Refund

New Tax Club form to be updated shortly

Tax Acquired Property Ordinance

Property Tax Info Fiscal Year 2015
The Fiscal Year runs from  July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015
The Tax Rate is set by the Board of Selectmen each year in the August time frame
The Tax Mill Rate for FY 2015 is $12.45, at 100%.
We offer two installment payments to taxpayers:
Taxes are due 10/3/2014 and 5/1/2015 for FY 2015
Interest will accrue on 10/4/2014 and 5/2/2015
The Town does not pro rate taxes
The Town sends out one Tax bill per year, it is addressed to the owner of the property as of April 1, 2014. It is the current owner's responsibility to transfer the tax bill to the new owners upon sale of property. It is the property's owner responsibility to forward a copy of the bill to their mortgage company if taxes are escrowed.
We offer a 10 month payment plan if the taxes are current, application forms are available at the Town Office or click Tax Club to download a form. New form will be updated in the spring when application are taken
The State of Maine offers tax relief programs:
Property Tax and Rent Refund
Homestead Exemptions
Veterans and Widows of Veterans Exemption
Blind Exemptions
Applications are also available at the Town Office
Tax Payments may be mailed to:
Town of North Berwick
PO Box 422
North Berwick, Maine 03906