Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the North Berwick police station located?

We are located at 21 Main Street. The police station is located on the 1st floor of the building that houses the Town Offices and S.A.D. #60 administrative offices. The building is a brick structure that was previously a schoolhouse.

I went to the police station, but it was closed and locked. Are there no police on duty?

North Berwick police officers are on patrol 24 hours a day. Because our dispatch is located at the Sanford Police Department in Sanford, Me, the office is only open during business hours, which are: Monday - Friday from 8 am to 4 pm. At times, you may find the office open during the off-hours if a patrol officer comes in from the road. If you need to contact us in an emergency, call 9-1-1. Our non-emergency number is 324-3644, the dispatcher can put you in contact with an officer. The office number during business hours is 676-2751. See the "directory" page at this site for a list of officer's extensions in order to leave a voice-mail message for an officer.

I am going away on vacation. Can the police keep an extra eye on my home while I'm away?

We would be glad to. Just call the station (676-2751) during business hours and ask to be placed on the property check list. You will need to provide us with the dates that you will be away and any emergency contact numbers. It is also very important that you notify us as soon as you return.

How do I obtain a concealed weapons permit?

Residents can pick up an application for concealed firearms at the police station during office hours. Before a new permit is issued, the applicant must submit a current photograph of themselves and a fingerprint card. The fee for a new permit is $35. The fee for a permit renewal is $20. Checks are to be made payable to the Town of North Berwick.

My car is registered in Maine, but has an inspection sticker from another state. Is it okay to drive it like that?

Yes, as long as the sticker is valid, it will be honored until it expires.

I've recently moved to Maine from another state. When will I be required to change my driver's license and vehicle registration over to Maine?

Maine law requires that a Maine driver's license must be applied for, and vehicle registrations must be obtained, within 30 days of becoming a resident of this State. If your vehicle has a valid out-of-state inspection sticker, it will be honored until it expires.

My vehicle has no inspection sticker on it. How can I drive it to an inspection station?

Make an appointment for inspection at a State certified inspection station. After doing so, you may obtain a permit to operate the vehicle to the inspection station. The permit can be obtained at the police station or from a patrol officer on duty. You will need to bring the vehicle's registration certificate with you to obtain the permit. The permit will not allow you to operate a defective motor vehicle. You will not need a permit if you have an inspection sticker that has expired within 30 days.

I was involved in a traffic accident and I would like a copy of the accident report. Where can I get one?

A copy of an accident report can be obtained once the investigation and report are completed. It can be obtained at the police station for a fee. Your insurance company will send a request form to us after you notify them of the accident. It is not necessary for you to provide it to your insurance company.

How will I be notified about parking bans during winter months?

North Berwick has a Winter Parking Ordinance, which prohibits parking on any street or way from midnight until 6:00 am from November 1 through March 31. Also, no vehicle shall be parked at any time on a public way in such a manner as to interfere with snow removal. A violation of the Winter Parking Ordinance is subject to a parking ticket and/or towing of your vehicle.

Does the Town of North Berwick have a curfew?     

North Berwick has a Curfew Ordinance in effect, which prohibits any person 17 years of age or under from being on or remaining on the streets or ways of North Berwick after 10:00 PM. A violation of the Curfew Ordinance is subject to a summons for violation of a town ordinance.

Can I get a burning permit from the police department?

No. Burning permits are issued by the North Berwick Fire Department. They will be happy to assist you.