Public Works

Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance of 65 miles of road, 3 miles of sidewalk, 6 bridges and 13 parking lots in the Town of North Berwick.  The Department consists of 4 full-time personnel. During the winter months, the towns utilizes additional winter employees to assist in the plowing and sanding.  During the summer months, the town utilizes independent local contractors to assist the department in the construction and maintenance of the town's road infrastructure network.

The department also assists other Town departments with various projects.


Winter Plowing

As the town prepares for another winter, the Town would like to remind residents of a few items:

Plowing Snow Across the Road:  Please be aware that it is against the law (MRSA 29A section 2396 (4)) to push, blow, shovel or plow snow into or across the street as it may create a hazardous situation.    Please pile the snow on your side of the road.  Persons caught plowing snow across the road may be subject to a Police summons and fines in the amount of $190.00 per occurrence.

Mailboxes and Fences:  One of the most common question asked during the winter is whether the Town will replaced a damaged mailbox?  The Town's Public Works crew does a great job of keeping the 65 miles of Town roads plowed and sanded during the winter months.  Every effort is made to not damage any mailboxes as the Town clears the snow off the roads, but unfortunately, some mailboxes do get damaged during the winter months.  Mailboxes and fences located in the right of way are considered obstructions to snow removal activities and therefore the town is not liable for damage done to mailboxes located in the road right of way. Please be aware that the Town does not replace damaged mailboxes unless the damaged mailbox is located outside of the town's right of way and the damage is done by hitting the mailbox with the actual plow or truck.  Please be aware that most damage to mailboxes is a result of the snow coming off the wing and hitting the mailbox and not the plow actually hitting the mailbox.  If the Town does damage your mailbox, please let us know so that we can keep track of the mailbox location.  This same rule applies to fences located within the town's right of way.  As a rule of thumb, the town's right of way extends 25 feet from the center line of the road. 

On Street Parking:   Beginning November 1 and extending to March 31, it is unlawful to park a vehicle on any street in North Berwick between the hours of 12:00 am (midnight) and 6:00 am.  No vehicle may be parked at any time on a public way in such a manner as to interfere with snow plowing or snow removal. Vehicles in violation are subject to $25.00 fine.