Thank you for taking a few moments to visit the North Berwick Police Department; our web presence came about as a way for the public to gain insight into the activities of our Agency and to better reach the Officers who serve the Community of North Berwick. The North Berwick Police Department strives to provide the best law enforcement services possible with maintaining a strong, fiscally responsible ideology.



The Town of North Berwick is one of the most picturesque towns in Southern Maine; the perfect blend of community and industry. A small town vibe can be found in every facet of our town - from the gazebo in our Mill Field to the serene vistas from Bauneg Beg Hill - the history and communal mentality that bind our town together help guide us into the future.



Meet the men and women who dedicate their lives to providing 24-hour a day law enforcement coverage to the Town of North Berwick. The officers employed are some of the most personable, well trained, and community minded officers you will ever meet. Their contact information as well as a brief bio will help you get to know them.