Zoning Board of Appeals


The Board of Appeals shall be appointed by the Municipal Officers and shall consist of five (5) regular members and up to two (2) associate members who can be granted voting rights in the absence of regular members, all of whom shall be legal residents of the Town of North Berwick, serving staggered terms of at least three years and not more than five years.  The Board shall annually elect a chair and vice chair from its membership.  

Neither a Municipal Officer nor his/her spouse may serve as a member or as an associate member.

Any question of whether a particular issue involves a conflict of interest sufficient to disqualify a member from voting therefore on shall be decided by majority vote of the members, except the member who is being challenged.


The Appeals Board meets on an as needed basis within 30 days of receipt of Variance Application.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Matt LeConte (207) 676-3353 Opt. 2