Transfer Station

About Us

The Town of North Berwick would like to welcome you to the Town of North Berwick Transfer Station/Recycling Center.

The Town of North Berwick is a Pay As You Throw (PAYT) Community.  The purpose is to establish a user fee system for disposal of municipal solid waste. Solid waste is a primary health, safety and environmental concern to all residents, and it is essential that the community develop a fair, efficient and cost-effective solid waste disposal program. The user fee plan promotes equity and fairness by linking the cost of waste disposal to the amount of waste actually generated by a person or household.

This PAYT regulation is adopted for the purpose of removing Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) costs from the town tax rate as well as to encourage the recycling of MSW to reduce the amount of waste disposed. 

Bags can be purchased for the disposal of MSW at the Transfer Station, Town Hall, D.A. Hurd Library and North Berwick Cumberland Farms.  Bags are sold in rolls of 10 bags:

Small Bags (15 Gallon) are $15.00 per roll
Large Bags (33 Gallon) are $20.00 per roll

Bulky Waste Items may be disposed at the Transfer Station based on the Fee Schedule adopted by the Town. This user fee system promotes equity and fairness by charging the person or household who generates the waste for the disposal cost.

The Town of North Berwick is a Single Stream Recycling Community.  All recyclables may be disposed of in the Recycling hopper free of charge.  All residents are highly encouraged to Recycle as much items as possible.  Recycling containers are available for sale at the Transfer Station and Town Hall for $10.00 each.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Richard Anderson Supervisor (207) 676-2711